Welcome, Wild Creator!

Cozy space for misfits reclaiming their wildness and crafting a sustainable creative business.

As a Wild Creative, we:

  • Redefine the word “success” to include all neurotypes, including us.
  • Reclaim our innate wildness that society has tried to extinguish.
  • Root ourselves in sustainable business and life rituals to stay regulated.
  • Reject the idea that we're damaged and need to be "fixed."
  • Revolutionize the way creators and service providers do business in a way that prioritizes sustainable, cyclical rhythms.
  • Remain devoted to our creative self-expression, purpose, and community.
  • Rediscover and embrace what brings us joy and fulfillment.

What you can expect here:

You'll be part of a little-but-fierce community of online business owners and creators who are forging new ways of doing ethical, people-centered business -- without needing to conform to fit in.

You are enough and belong here with us. No masking your weirdness required. 🖖

This space is a work in progress and still growing. 

Right now, you'll be able to participate in the BURN event being held on December 27-29, 2023. There's a space inside to: 

  • share insights
  • ask questions
  • join the live calls/watch the replays
  • download the daily action plans

In the larger Wild Creatives community, we'll have regular events to help you grow in an area of your business and you'll have dedicates spaces for ongoing conversation.

You'll also have the opportunity to join the private community membership Brandcrafters Guild when it's live. (Coming soon! 😻)

You might be wondering...why Mighty Networks?

This was a really intentional decision to host the Wild Creatives community (and Brandcrafters Guild membership) here instead of somewhere like Facebook.

While creating a Facebook group is quick and easy, it's not the most sustainable option.

As someone who advocates for steady, sustainable growth, relying solely on social media with its ever-changing algorithms makes us have to compete for attention to the point of burnout (just for the hope that 1% will see what we create), and the social media landscape isn't designed for deep focus and learning.

Not to mention we don't actually own our content on social media.

Choosing a platform like Mighty allows little-but-fierce creators like ourselves to claim our space in this online world, cultivate meaningful relationships with our community, have our entire brand ecosystem in one place, and devote our energy to what matters most to us.

I'll take a sustainable path over a quick win any day.

If you want to stay connected, there's an app for that. 👇